[PMD] Choosing Our Fate

In the Pokemon World, a human has always appeared in times of great need to save the day. With Pokemon disappearing every day, many look towards these legends for help--but this time, no humans can be found. Choosing Our Fate is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comic whose world and story are determined by you, the community! Check the homepage for ways to participate!


How to Participate
You can submit a command for our main characters or submit suggestions for the NPC Pokemon in the world or personalities for Legendary Pokemon. Check the FAQ page if you have any questions!
NPC Submission Stats
I've included the stats below to help those who want to make more diverse NPC submissions. These are suggestions and not "don't do this", so a well thought out character that falls into one of the common sections or "have a lots" is fine.

Have a lot of:

Eevee and its evolutions
Team Members, Adventurers, Explorers
Pure good characters (kind, friendly, etc with no negative qualities or quirks)

Generating stats...
Updated website! by Pokemontrainergigi
January 16th, 2018, 7:06 pm
Updated a few things around here, namely:
The theme! A breath of fresh air. Also, the theme can change based on the page you're looking at! Right now I have it set up for Chapter 1 (so take a look!)
Updated the logo on the cover page and included that in the site theme.
Questions page facelift, updated the color scheme.
Unified the fonts on the previous two pages to be more cohesive with the rest of the comic.
Added a little "How to Participate" section to the homepage and below the comic pages to increase visibility on that.
The NPC stats for NPC submissions on the homepage now updates semi-automatically. So that's more up-to-date now

Should be all good, but let me know if anything looks wonky or needs fixing!
Unannounced Hiatus Apology/WIP 12/24/17 by Pokemontrainergigi
December 24th, 2017, 10:58 pm
My sincerest apologies friends! I originally set a post announcing the delay to autopost on all the places I post...but it appears that it did not go through on any site!

So the situation is that my internship has ended, I'm (finally!) graduating college, I had to move out of my apartment, fly across the country, and am spending time with the fam.

As an apology for this and the hiatuses I failed to properly announce this year, I'll be making a public WIP post (this post, see below), which are usually Patreon-only. In addition, I'm offering all current Patreons a free drawing request (single character, flat color, small drawing or headshot). This offer is also extended the first 3 people who donate to my Patreon* at any tier below $10. Those above $10 get 2 larger drawings (1 for the tier, 1 for this offer though a super-sized, larger drawing). Also, this offer is extended to the first 3 people to donate through Ko-fi. Additionally, I'll check activity on my websites from the month of December and grant the top 3 contributors this same offer. Finally (ho' boy), contributing to this post (commenting, favoriting, liking, sharing, etc) will earn you a 'ticket' for a drawing raffle. Each sharing method of this final raffle is counted, so commenting on Smackjeeves*, sharing on Facebook, liking on Tumblr will earn you 3 tickets. Winner will be chosen January 1st (so about a week). There's 1 winner for the raffle, but depending on turnout I might increase it to 2 or 3.

*You can claim this offer multiple times through different methods. So if you donate via Patreon and Ko-fi that's 2.
*Each type of offer only applies once, so you can't donate to Ko-fi twice and get two drawings, only one. Likewise, current Patreons can take advantage of the $10 offer if they upgrade.
*Patreon: Patreon's website glitched on me when I tried to add "pay up front". This protects me from people who say they'll donate to get access to content and rewards, but then back out before Patreon charges them. If this setting went through, then the offer will be initiated when you donate. If this setting did not go through, then I have to work with Patreon to get it working and you'll have to wait until it's fixed or the 1st of January (when donations go through) for me to initiate the offer.
*Smackjeeves comments only count one source. IE you can't comment on the news post on PMD: Choosing Our Fate and Gigi's Art Dump to get 2 entries.

If I've missed any question you have, feel free to ask!

WIP 12/24/17

I started the featured piece (click here) in late August and have been calling it "Introspective Isolation" as the filename. Started off in color, but I didn't like my color choices so I put it to black and white. My plan is to colorize it once I've finished up the black and white work, so I can decide how best to make the palette work. No, the featured person is not Crystal...though taking a step back I can't help but see a short haired Crystal now. In addition to color, I still have to add detail to the bridge, buildings, and snow drifts at least. Also not 100% happy with those clouds. Will try to fix those up.

Code stuff: recently got heavily into AutoHotKey and oh boy do I love it! Need to do a repetitive task over and over again? Not anymore! (or at least it's easier now). I've considered sharing two scripts in particular. One is a solver for Microsoft Sudoku's Symbols Daily Challenges (I'm going to write one up eventually for their Jigsaw Sudoku as well). Probably not useful to a lot of people, still has some bugs, and requires a tiny bit of poking the code to adjust it to fit your display so unsure if I'm going to share that one. More importantly, I've complained on previous works about Photoshop crashing once in a blue moon and deleting hours of work--WELL NO MORE! Wrote a script that autosaves Photoshop every 5 minutes. This is one far more useful to folks out there, so I'll get around to posting that once I figure out the best way to. Can be easily adjusted for other programs as well.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project is back on track now that I've plugged in all the USUM information. Though when rerolling the numbers for the next fusion...it was Deoxys/Unown. And if you remember how anal I was about deciding the fusions for Eevee/Type: Null and Arceus/Furfrou--well it's back! Likewise, those previous I mentioned were a bit easier because I could easily compare Types and Colors to one another. Well Deoxys/Unown will be 16 forms. With similar typing and colors (between each parent's forms) I'm pairing Unown by letter similarity (I counted the pixel difference of each combination of 26 alphabetical Unown...aka 26*26-26=650 comparisons) then finding words that begin with the chosen letters that match up to the Deoxys Form names (if anyone had those old Unown cards with the names, that's what sparked this!). I'm still on the latter step (and typing this out had me catch a mistake I made so I have to redo some of that) but I wouldn't mind you guys throwing some words at me! Here's the letter list:
AB, CD, EZ, F, G, HO, IL, JY, KW, M, NS, PR, QX,TV, U (and !? but not looking for words for that one)
Looking for words starting with those letters (if 1 just that, but if 2 then both in a row), either direction works (eg AB... or BA...), preference on no acronyms/proper nouns/non-English languages but JY/KW/QX/TV will force me to break it for those, and finally, words have to relate to one of the Deoxys forms: Normal, Attack, Defense, or Speed. (example: ABuse AB/Attack or BAstion for AB/Defense). Once I get a reasonable word list made (not all combinations need to be found, especially on those weird ones) I'll pair the Deoxys forms with the best words and begin the drawing process. Or more accurately, pause that and get some work done on the next PMD:COF page.

TL;DR Gigi's hiatus announcement never got posted. Gigi is very sorry. Gigi's life is very busy right now. Gigi is offering drawings for stuff above. Gigi has been working on the above drawing for awhile and still has a ways to go. Gigi does code. Bracket Fusion Project Fusion is taking forever for Gigi to plan. Gigi will work on next PMD:COF page soon. Gigi is suddenly talking in the third person.

Also as I'm typing this minutes before Christmas Day in my timezone...HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!
PTGigi.com is live! by Pokemontrainergigi
August 18th, 2017, 12:06 am
Hello friends! I'm happy to announce PTGigi.com is now live! Go check it out!

All art posts from my Tumblr blog has been copied onto the blog on my new site. I've updated several posts, though only the text and links, not the image itself.

In addition, I finally have the perfect place to post apps I've made! Currently on the site there is a random color generator, a puzzle/monster fighting game, an inventory calculator for Skyrim and the like, and a checklist for a game you've never heard of. I have no timeline for future apps, but some current ideas are:

  • Updating the surname generator I posted awhile back

  • Making a filterable Pokemon list/random generator

  • And posting a Dark Souls checklist (because I picked that game up again and there's a lot to get for the achievements!)

I've also expanded my social media presence, so feel free follow me on any of those! Those are currently:

I'll slowly be added past posts to several of these websites at the rate of about one a day. I want to thank everyone for your support all these years! <3
Important Information/Links by Pokemontrainergigi
August 10th, 2016, 8:41 pm
Command Submission: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9eSqGVTLTvysSNArkK5dFhWCEjxhoU2y1xJd2v-qOu7MwIg/viewform?entry.2041488319=Smackjeeves

NPC Character Submission: https://goo.gl/forms/sIHk0GGE2Vj0etxp1
Legendary Pokemon Personalities: https://goo.gl/forms/mdF9MDmwSr5N7EBU2

You can use the information to help you come up with more diverse NPC submissions if you would like! Stats are what I have a lot of, and need/have a lot of are lists that you don't NEED to follow, but something to keep in mind. A well thought out character that uses one of the "have a lots" is fine.

Have a lot of:
Team Members, Adventurers, Explorers
Eevee and its evolutions
Pure good characters (kind, friendly, etc with no negative qualities or quirks)

NPC Submissions Stats
(last updated, Dec 22nd, 2016)

52% Male
41% Female
7% Other (no answer given, genderless, non-binary, etc)

2% Baby or Toddler
7% Child
16% Adolescent
26% Young Adult
25% Adult
16% Old
3% Ancient

HOARD (aka a mass submission or a Nurse Joy/Officer Jenny situation):
Magikarp, Zubat

6 Eevee (1 Eevee, 1 Glaceon, 1 Umbreon, 1 Jolteon, 1 Sylveon, Leafeon)
3 Riolu (2 Lucario, 1 Riolu)
3 Pikachu (2 Raichu, 1 Pikachu)
3 Charmander (1 Charmander, 1 Charmeleon, 1 Charizard)
3 Shinx (1 Shinx, 1 Luxio, 1 Luxray)
2 of each: Absol, Castform, Clefable, Ditto, Dragonair, Dwebble, Girafarig, Manectric, Meowstic, Milotic, Noibat, Trevenant, Zigzagoon, Zoroark, Zubat
2 Abra (1 Abra, 1 Alakazam)
2 Chikorita (1 Chikorita, 1 Bayleef)
2 Deino (1 Deino, 1 Zweilous)
2 Skitty (1 Skitty, 1 Delcatty)
2 Fennekin (1 Fennekin, 1 Delphox)
2 Axew (1 Fraxure, 1 Haxorus)
2 Sentret (1 Sentret, 1 Furrent)
2 Gible (1 Gabite, 1 Garchomp)
2 Joltik (1 Joltik, 1 Galvantula)
2 Gastly (1 Gastly, 1 Gengar)
2 Gligar (1 Gligar, 1 Gliscor)
2 Spoink (1 Spoink, 1 Grumpig)
2 Rockruff (1 Rockruff, 1 Lycanroc)
2 Slugma (1 Slugma, 1 Magcargo)
2 Vulpix (1 Vulpix, 1 Ninetales)
2 Ponyta (1 Ponyta, 1 Rapidash)
2 Scyther (1 Scyther, 1 Scizor)
2 Scraggy (1 Scraggy, 1 Scrafty)
2 Sneasel (1 Sneasel, 1 Weavile)
2 Starly (1 Starly, 1 Staraptor)
(everything else is 0 or 1)

Legendary Species (for the Legendary Personality submissions)
2 of each: Celebi, Genesect, Lugia, Shaymin, Uxie, Yveltal, Zygarde
1 of each: Azelf, Cobalion, Dialga, Entei, Ho-Oh, Jirachi, Keldeo, Meloetta, Mesprit, Suicune, Victini, Zapdos, Zekrom
(everything else is 0 D: )