Playable/Main Characters

main characters

Raine (Female Pansear)Jet (Male Wingull)
  • Ex-gang member (lost favor with the gang leader) from Hitodam
  • Brave, stubborn, and confident--rarely panics
  • Not the biggest fan of undergoing rescue missions...unless the reward is good!
  • Experienced fighter, likes to solve problems with force
  • Has a scar on her tail, and wears a green armband and hip sack
  • Part-time Messenger from Azuria Gulf
  • Easily excited, friendly, a joker (ranging from tame puns to sassy remarks)
  • Curious and loves going on adventures and exploring new places
  • Looks up to Rescue Team, wants to protect those around him
  • Fashionable, wears a different bow-tie each day
Inspired by the communityInspired by the community

Non-Playable Characters (NPCs)

A list of characters who appear in our comic in relative order of importance. The "Inspired by" section lists which users' contributions to the "Submit an NPC survey" (or Legendary survey) were used as a base for that NPC.