F.A.Q. and General Information

Here you can find information on various aspects of this community driven comic. If you have questions, please ask here (click here)!


How to participate?

There's two ways to participate in this community driven comic, you can submit commands for our main characters to follow, or submit suggestions for NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that will inhabit the world and interact with out main characters (suggestions for Legendary NPCs go here).

On Submitting Commands

Each page you may request actions for our main characters to take here. This system is not "first come first serve" but a collaboration of user results. Commands should fall in line with the character's personality (unless the situation calls for it) and keep in mind what the character knows (common knowledge can be assumed).

How many NPCs/Legendary Personalities can I submit?

As many as you want!

How many commands can I submit?

One command per update per character.

Is it possible for the character to ____? Can I submit an NPC who _____?

If you're unsure, submit it! Worst case, it doesn't happen; best case, it does!

What are our Pokemon's movesets/level/stats?

We're going stat-less! These will be generally assumed and not strictly follow canon. We can assume Pokemon know basic actions given their body type (scratching, using a prehensile tail, etc), elemental type (breathing fire, shooting lightning, etc), and species (heightened eyesight/hearing, special abilities, etc). Actions are not limited to named attacks ("shoot fire" and "Ember" are equally acceptable). Pokemon are not limited to moves/abilities they can learn through the games, and are not limited to 4 moves max.

Example: Nearly all Wingull can shoot water (Water Gun), squawk (Growl), peck (beak), etc. Low level moves denote a low skill level, so a majority of Wingull could make a disorienting cry (Supersonic), smack something with its wings (Wing Attack), etc. Vice versa, an action like creating a hurricane (Hurricane) we can only assume a highly experienced Wingull can use. Actions might need to be learned (via a teacher, TM, etc), like stealing items (Thief) or being a master carpenter.

Are the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games canon in this story?

Yes and no. They are not directly canon, but their tales are a part of the mythos of this world. The layout of the world is also different, and it should not be assumed all the continents of the Pokemon World exist here.

Any more questions? Feel free to ask!

World Information


PMD: Choosing Our Fate is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon style comic. This is not the world of humans, Pokemon Trainers, and Gym or Island challenges. Pokemon are the dominant species, and live in rustic villages in harmony with one another. Humans are spoken of in mythology, often said to be saviors who appear (turned into a Pokemon) to save the world from disaster.

The world is also riddled with Mystery Dungeons, strange maze-like areas where the layout changes every time one enters. The Pokemon living in these zones can be described as feral or rabid, they know no sentience and will attack on sight. Because of these dangers, the Exploration and Rescue Society locates, studies, and rescues Pokemon from these zones. Adventurers, either Guild based or freelance, frequently take jobs associated with these areas.

Major Cities/Government

The Pokemon World has 5 major cities (in addition to many smaller towns and villages): Terrapine City, Marmarsh, Mt. Volcanice, Hitodam, and Azuria Gulf. The Exploration and Rescue Society (ERS), headed by Eyrie Braviary, control/protect Terrapine, Marmarsh, and Azuria Gulf. The ERS has brokered peace the leaders of the DeGale faction (who control Mt. Volcanice) and the current leader of Hitodam, Himiko Volcarona. The DeGale are a relatively new faction in the region, primarily made up of traders and inventors who create and spread their technology. Hitodam is often a breeding ground for outlaw gangs both small and large.

Mt. Volcanice is a technologically advanced city built on a mountain of the same name. Pipes draw heat from the mines below to keep the town warm and inviting, despite the harshness of the surrounding lands. The mines notably contain evolution stones, so Pokemon evolving via stones are banned from working them. It is also well known for its hot springs, though its location doesn't make it a popular tourist destination.

Hitodam is a underground city lit by flames of every color of the rainbow that never burn out. It is the entertainment and commerce capital of Eliden, with no limit to what can be bought or sold. Outlaw gangs find the streets easy to hide within, giving the city its reputation as the brightest yet darkest city. The city's single leader is determined by combat, so often the leader is both charismatic and a fighter, lest they find themselves replaced.

Terrapine City is the main base for the Exploration and Rescue Society currently headed by Eyrie Braviary. Originally just a headquarters, it expanded into a thriving city. The city is built into a mountain carved to look like a Torterra, complete with an ancient tree at its core. The surrounding lands are rugged and harsh, but the roads leading to the city are kept safe by the influx and outflow of traders and members of the society.

Marmarsh is a farming village in a marsh of the same name. It is believed to be the oldest settlement in Eliden. A winter season doesn't exist in Marmarsh, so crops can be grown year-round. Primarily semiaquatic crops, like rice, are grown in the marshlands, while a wider variety of crops are grown in the hills. The town is also known for its tales of legends, each townsfolk knowing at least one tale of the great Legends. Relics and monuments built to them dot the village, making the land quite mystical to explore.

Azuria Gulf is a tropical paradise, and could be called the Atlantis of the Pokemon world. It is a resort city that hosts a large tourist population. The city is like an iceberg, the tip above water and the rest below. Most of the city can be traversed by all Pokemon. Some areas are limited to tall Pokemon or those that don't mind getting wet. The remaining areas cannot be explored by non-aquatic Pokemon.