Comic Cancelled by Pokemontrainergigi
January 6th, 2019, 2:05 pm
Hello everyone and my apologies with the delay on this announcement: this comic is cancelled.

I had fun making what little pages were posted, and I loved seeing all the creativity in the commands and NPC submissions! So thank you all so much for participating in this experiment. It was great fun but overall not a comic style that suited me.

My original goal when announcing the discontinuation of this comic this was to do some drawings of the character submissions I had received, so I delayed this announcement until I got some of those done. I still would like to do that, but I don't know when/if I will get time to do those. If I get around to doing some of those, I will be posting them on this comic here, or on my social media (personal site, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook).

Once again, thank you everyone for your support and my apologies for cancelling this and the delay on this announcement.
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January 7th, 2019, 1:28 am
Sometimes projects just don't work out. "Winners never quits" as a quote while it may have good intentions can be bad to follow depending on the context, sometimes it is good to know when to call it quits as you only have so much time in your life and shouldn't spend it all on something you don't feel may be worth it. Hopefully you learn something useful from it though. For what it is worth I like where the comic was going but I feel it would had went better if you did it CYOA book style where the users can only pick the importation choices and let the character act naturally throughout those choices. Expecting a choice like every page can be taxing on both the artist and readers. Also expecting to use all of those characters that people submitted in some way at some point most likely didn't help with the pressure.